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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A FULL week

    Sorry it has been so long since I have written. I have a hard time sitting still long enough to write everything down. This week has been VERY busy. I finally met with the Judge to try to explain to him why I need Disability. Boy was I glad I had hired Myler Disability to help me. They did a wonder full job and I think I have a good chance in getting it. I will get the Judges answer in 2 to 4 months.
    Also we are now dealing with Keigan who has Bipolar, Anxiety (like Will and I ) and possibly Schizophrenia (like Jim) He talks of seeing a bad ghost and a good ghost. Its hard to say if its really Schizophrenia at this age or if its an imaginary friend. When we put him on medication for it the bad ghost went away, says Keigan. But he dose not like to talk about it so it is hard to say. He is very sacred to sleep alone or be alone in any room. His PSR worker has been helping us with that and he has made a little progress. He will now stay alone for 5 mins if we are lucky and he is distracted. At Keigan's last appt. His Dr. suggested we get a therapy dog for Keigan and even wrote us a prescription to our landlord so that by law they HAVE to let us have a dog. We can pick one out anywhere. Older ones are best because they are better house trained. We will probably go to the pound. And we will wait until we move before we get one.
      Moving??? Yes we are moving also. After being on the list for 3 years Idaho Housing has finally come to our name and will help us will house payments. The house we are renting now is 2 beds rooms and the kids are in those rooms while Rhett and I are in the basement/family room 1 bth. We are looking at a house that is 3 bed 2 1/2 bath with an unfinished basement that can make 2 more room and a family room. we hope to rent now and later buy this home. At the moment they owners are filling out our I.H. paperwork and then need to hand those in. Then there is a inspection, and then we can move in. This also in Rigby. We thought we should stay here because how Rhett helps his dad so much with locksmithing, and he enjoys it. Plus his dad has diabetes and his hands have trouble now and then and he needs Rhett. At the moment Rhett works for the school district here but we are not sure how much longer that will last. That depends on the school budget, the boss would keep him his he could he sure could use it.

So that is a summery of what has been going on this last few days. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

My 1st youtube video

Its called Story of My Life by Backstreet Boys. Its a reminder that life can be hard and that everybody feels like a nobody sometimes. It reminds us to get up and try again and hold on to your faith there will be better days. I hope you like it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

2 Funerals in 2 weeks

Funerals can be hard. 2 Funerals can be harder. Rhett's Grandma Keppner was recently diagnosed with liver cancer and passed away June 19th 2011.
                                 Grandma Keppner with Hailey in 2003
                                      Funeral June 23rd 2011
 Grandpa Keppner, Uncle Tony, LaPreal, (mother-in-law) Aunt Shauna, Uncle Monte, Uncle Randy. Missing Aunt Linda

The purple flowers where from Grandma Keppners garden.

My grandpa had been having problems for quite some time. He had some small strokes, and kept falling. He thought he was dead and had cried for his wife Lola wondering where she was. She died last year in April. He has been wanting to die ever since she has. His body just didn't want to give up. A few weeks ago he had a blood test done and they showed that he was as healthy as a 50 year old in that way. By Sunday night June 26th 2011 his heart rate was getting too high and his oxygen was abnormal. My dad and Uncle Scott with my Aunt Patti present gave him a priesthood blessing asking for his body to let go of his spirit. Withing 10 to 15 mins he had passed away.
                                            Grandpa Earl with Faye 1981
 Added into the flowers Grandpa's pricing stamper from the store, his gardening gloves, and shears 
                                 Funeral June 30th 2011
                                     Honoring a Veteran

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 7th, 2011 They Day Hailey was Baptized

For a rainy and cloudy morning it was wonderful. We got Hailey to the church by 8:15 in the morning to get dressed in her white jumpsuit. Of course mom thinks its a great time to take pictures.

Hailey had many family members who came to support her and even had her school teacher Mrs. Lybbert come. She was thrilled.
This was taken after being confirmed. Nathan wanted mommy but didn't want to look at the camera.
Afterward we went to Rhett's sister Deneece's house ( the biggest place we could get, the church was full) and had lunch.
 It was Will's wife Hillary's 25th Birthday today also. Poor thing though ended up sick all night. We made sure that some cake got sent home to her.

 Hailey coloring the baptism pillowcase that Grandma Earl bought her

 Lola made some new friends out of Danyel's daughter Mylee and Deneece's daughter Meredith ( Mimi)

 After the party calmed down Grandpa Hayes left to do a CDL. The women where sitting at the kitchen table talking while the kids where outside playing. All the sudden where hear a bicycle horn honking and lots of laughing and we see Grandpa out there on one of the kids bikes riding like a lunatic (partly the bikes fault) then he had to try the scooter. We all got a good laugh and he got some good exercise.

Hailey letting cousin Ashlynn draw a unicorn while she checks out the book Grandma gave her. Here are also some pics that I took of Hailey in her baptism dress.

Hailey's Baptism Video

Friday, April 22, 2011

School Photo's

                                                         Hailey 8yrs old. 2nd Grade
                                                        Keigan 6yrs old. Kindergarten
                                                                 Nathan 2 1/2 yrs old